List of 6 Best Shoes For Servers And Bartenders In 2022

Servers and bartenders are two professions that require you to stand for long periods of time. They are also two of the most physically demanding jobs. These two professions put a lot of stress on the lower body such as the ankles and feet. In order to reduce the amount of pain you feel after a long shift, you need to wear the best shoes for servers and bartenders.

For anyone in a physically demanding job, the quality of their shoes is paramount to their comfort and performance. Aesthetics and durability from comfortable shoes also affects how well they do their job. Here we’ve rounded up the best shoes to wear while waiting tables or bartending.

With the summer months ahead, we are starting to see some of the restaurants and bars with the sun shining brighter. As the weather gets warmer, many start to put away their formal shoes and upgrades to their summer shoes. For those in the restaurant and bar industry, the summer months can be incredibly tough, and not just because the temperature goes higher.

Our Recommendation For Best Shoes For Servers And Bartenders In 2022

Running around all day long serving others may not seem like a tough job but anyone who has ever worked as a waiter can tell you that it is not an easy task. Wearing the right kind of shoes can help you maintain your sense of balance and keep you feeling comfortable while you are on your feet. 

Servers and bartenders come in contact with a variety of surfaces every day and therefore need to wear shoes that can work well on a variety of terrains. They must also be comfortable to work in. We’ve sorted through the different options to find shoes that can give you the comfort you need, along with the versatility you require.

If you are a server or a bartender then you know that your shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will ever buy. A good pair of shoes will protect your feet and make you more comfortable. If you are going to be on your feet all night then you want a pair of comfortable shoes.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Shoes play a very important role in a server’s or bartender’s job. You need shoes that are comfortable and that provide a great grip on the floor. The wrong shoes can cause the server or the bartender to slip and fall, which can not only hurt the server or bartender but which can also hurt the customer. Shoddy shoes can also cause blisters and other foot issues which can make a server or bartender’s job more difficult. 

A Low Heel Drop:

Many modern shoes have a high heel drop. This means the heel is elevated well above the ground and the toe box. This tilts the foot and body forward. This helps us produce more force so we can run faster or lift more.

But in everyday life, a heel drop is terrible for you. It’s basically like wearing high heels. It shortens the Achilles. It reduces medial arch and ankle mobility. It kills your foot’s natural cushioning ability. And by tilting your body forward, it messes with your posture.

All of this is tough on any surface, but especially on concrete. It can lead to foot problems like flat feet or elevated arches. It can lead to heel pain, knee pain, hip pain – even back pain. In short, we absolutely do not want a high heel drop. The highest drop you can wear safely is a half-inch. Any more than that, and you’re basically wearing high heels on concrete all day. 

Arch Support:

The medial arch plays a key role in your foot’s cushioning ability. The problem is that the muscles supporting this arch get tired over time. They get tired twice as fast on surfaces like concrete. This is a big reason for the modern world’s flat-foot epidemic. We spend so much time on concrete our feet collapse and stay collapsed. This leads to sore feet, heel pain, and – ultimately – ever-thicker soles.

The solution is to look for arch support. Supportive insoles are good, especially if they’re high-volume and semi-rigid. I like EVA foam because it stays supportive through hundreds of hours of use. But if you walk a lot, you may want to look for arch support in the midsole and outsole too.


When you’re on hard surfaces a lot, you need quality cushioning. This is why I’m not a fan of classic Birkenstocks for factory workers and the outdoors. That cork sole is heavenly, corrective, and supportive… But you really do want a softer sole. At the same time, we don’t want a sole that’s too thick or too soft.

These can make you strike the ground harder by reducing sensory feedback. We want a moderately cushioned, moderately soft sole. I like modern foam materials. There are so many of them I can’t keep up – but our test team will cover some of the best ones for this article. For concrete, a quality synthetic sole can actually be better than a rubber one. Many modern synthetics are incredible. I also like a good gel heel pad and the kind of air cell found in some Nike shoes.

Exceptional Grip:

The sole of a concrete running shoe should have an exceptional grip to keep you safe at all times. Using the wrong sole will cause it to slip and therefore increase the risk of exposure to soft tissue injury.

Most concrete running shoes have a flat sole that helps create an even surface when running on paved roads. Minimal heel-to-toe drop helps improve stability and movement necessary for optimal traction on concrete floors.

Breathable and Durability:

Running shoes for concrete floors should use breathable fabrics with very good insulating properties, Wikipedia. The materials of your running shoes should be breathable to promote free airflow, keeping odor away, and preventing bacteria build-up.

Proper ventilation will further enhance the durability of your shoe, saving you from spending money on changing your shoes too often. For a brand that adds value, invest in a pair made from high-quality materials that can withstand the frequency of use and the surface to which it will be exposed. In addition to excellent support and comfort, your best running shoes on concrete should be breathable and durable.

SKECHERS: Shoes For Restaurant Servers


Becoming a member of the Skechers family of styles and colors will give you the ability to generate a plethora of distinct shoes that have their own unique history and story. We know that you have a vision and we want to make sure that you can make the most of that vision, no matter what happens.

Skechers has made a big comeback into the sneaker market. This has helped the brand leverage its status as a lifestyle brand and become a household name. Here are some of the things that they have done to help it climb the ladder.

The Skechers story began in 1992 with the launch of the Skechers Performance Division, the racing shoe line designed to meet the needs of competitive athletes. In 1995, Skechers Performance Division launched the first Biggest Loser racing shoe line and a long-lasting affiliation with the hit TV show began.

  • Cheap pricenMany have memory foamnComfortable (Though overtime this becomes less and less the case
  • Break down easily, and have cheap adhesivesnNot much arch support

NEW BALANCE: Shoes For Servers


New Balance is a shoe brand born of the American dream. Since 1906, the company has provided quality athletic footwear for a wide range of athletic activities. This blog will discuss how New Balance has grown over the last century and how it has remained a top contender in the shoe industry.

The Peppa Pig craze is sweeping the globe and seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. The Peppa Pig craze is not limited to younger children. Older children and even adults are also getting in on the Peppa Pig action. With a new Peppa Pig range being released in the US and claims that it is the best range yet, it is little wonder that customers would be excited.

The United States has been the leader in technology since the computer revolution began. New Balance sneakers have been in America for over a century. We are sharing this blog to show that America is continuing to lead the world in technology.

  • Relatively CheapnStylesnSlip resistant
  • QualitynComfort

KEEN: Shoes For Bartenders Reddit


When it comes to comfort, KEEN has been working hard on their products. Their shoes and boots are stylish, but also extremely comfortable. Their motto is: “The science of comfort.” It’s no surprise that they use IBM Watson technology to design their shoes. Watson is the same technology that helped IBM’s Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov. By using Watson, they can make decisions that help create shoes that fit the feet of their customers better.

Welcome to my blog, where I discuss the latest innovations in technology and how they can benefit you. I also share my own insights and experiences in the world of digital marketing, social media, and artificial intelligence. I hope you find it useful and add value to your life.

KEEN is a cryptocurrency that was created to help the new digital economy. We will be looking to use this token to raise funds for the next few years. We need your help to raise the best value for investment. This blog will look at the different aspects of the KEEN token and how you can help.

  • BootsnVarietynComfortable
  • Cheaply made (for the price)nExpensive

MERRELL: Bartender Shoes Women’s


With the groundswell of people using B2B cloud-based technology, and the ease of which these platforms are used, a new breed of technology-driven user is born the MERRELL. This generation of technology is fast, to the point and precise, but above all, they are the most demanding of this time.

Merrell is the outdoor brand that provides the best outdoor footwear for those who are into hiking, running, walking, climbing and other outdoor activities. Nowadays, Merrell offers a wide range of comfortable, secure and durable shoes for men, women and kids.

MERRELL is a 90-year old American footwear brand. The brand’s products are sold through a network of retailers, primarily in the United States, with some international distribution in Canada, Europe, and Asia. The company is headquartered in North Berwick, Maine.

  • DurablenGreat for wide feetnVariety
  • Very Expensive

BIRKENSTOCK: Shoes For Bar Work UK


BIRKENSTOCK is a German shoe manufacturer who has been making quality shoes since 1774. They are best known for their classic Arizona sandal. They are currently one of the fastest growing shoe companies in the world. This blog will look at the different factors of their growth and how they use social media to interact with both customers and potential customers.

It’s hard to believe that a single name could mean so many different things. Birkenstock is a German shoe brand that has been around since 1774. They’ve had a resurgence in popularity recently, so I wanted to explore the brand and see how they achieved this.

This is a review about one of the most luxurious, high-end shoes that you can find in the market – BIRKENSTOCK. This is one of the few brands that have been around since the 60’s and it has a cult following that is huge.

  • ComfortablenDurablenWell Made
  • ExpensivenNot stylish

CROCS: Shoes For Servers With Plantar Fasciitis


CROCS makes comfortable and fashionable shoes for kids, teens and adults. CROCS was founded in 2005, when two brothers from Southern California were surfing and discovered a variation of flip-flops with a variety of styles and colors. 

CROCS was founded in 1994 by a group of surfers who were committed to bringing all the benefits of the beach lifestyle to the feet. Today, the company is a leading lifestyle brand and one of the fastest growing footwear companies in the world.

The word CROCS has been buzzing for a year or two now and has gained popularity very quickly. But, it is an acronym for Customer Relationship Officers or Client Relationship Officers. These are people who are responsible for managing customer relationships in an organization. So this blog gives an overview of CROCS and how can they help organizations.

  • Cheap PricenComfortablenSlip resistant
  • UGLYnLack of airflow


When choosing the Best Shoes For Servers And Bartenders, it is important to consider the type of environment in which you work. Servers and bartenders are constantly on their feet and moving from one place to another. In order to prevent pain associated with being on your feet all day, you should wear shoes that offer good arch support. This will help to support the arch of your foot and reduce the pain you feel after a long shift. If you are in a high-paced environment, you may want to consider slip resistant shoes.

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